Joyeux Anniversaire

Ok it's been a week since my anniversary (august 31 btw) i've to admit that it's my fault that i rarely posting some news , inspiration etc to all of u guys who (accidently) read my blog .one year that i posted this blog and i pinky promise that from now on l'll always update my blog once a week :).so in my anniversary of bitchlonglegs i would like to post something that is very special for me is my fav childhood movie character in Clueless ,Cher Horowitz.readers or no readers i will keep update my blog, so enjoy it bitches ;) .

Cher Horowitz
Profesional impulsive shopper/ high school (stylish) student/Beverly Hills 'it' girl.

Cher :"Oh,no.you don't understand. this is an alaia"
Robert:"An a-what-a"?
Cher :"It's like a totally important designer"! 

 picts various sources

Back in  mid 90's when i was still a naive young boy who love to watched Clueless , i still remembered when my auntie intruduce me with this sassy addictive movie (btw is more addictive than any drugs :p). Who can't forget this blonde , rich , spoiled girl Cher Horowitz.  She's not typical any of blonde bitch who always act like a filty slut. Cher on the other hand, she's charming , sweet and with immpecable sense of style,dont you remember her slip tight ruby red Azzedine Alaia dress("a totally important designer"), yellow plaids blazer, knee high sheer socks, sporty tiny bacpack bags (or in case for Cher's case faux fur), silly furry pen(btw i still have'em),choker,overalls, sheer outerwear and Calvin Klein classic slip dress oh don't forget the Cher's "dress me up" computer program. At the time cher's computer program was banana!the duo (sometimes trio with her frenemies, Amber the ginger red hair bitch who always try stealing spotlight and imitate cher eww as if!)Cher and Dionne always enjoying being spotlight. My advice are If u did't watch this movie like EVER, i command u should watch it 'cause this movie will entertain you,  i watch it like gazilion times and never gets me bored.THAT'S ALL.